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Jebao CF-10 UV Pressure Pond Filter

tri luong
the Jebao pump is as well as I have before.

Pressure Pond Air Pump Hailea HAP-80

I bought this pump for some septic projects and they run well during the past weeks. Thank you for the free spare parts. I will buy more....

LX JA50 Whirlpool Bath Pump

Derek PAL
I received the 9th pool pump from this shop today. All is perfect. Thanks to your consistent service, I can answer and serve my clients on time, and my business grows well. Glad to see that you are also accumlating good reviews. Cheers, Derek P...

Metal Halide Lighting MG-D 600mm 1*250W

Jason Sullivan
This metal halide is awesome. I use it to replace my aqua one MG-600 metal halide. the coral tank become brighter. the ballast runs cool. But it is Atman, not Aqua one. great lighting anyway....

24 inch Odyssea Aquarium T5 Lamp High Output light Fixture

Casey Padilla
completely satisfied with this T5 light. It brightens up my tanks, and the corals looks great under the light. the best light I can have for the money....

Hailea Chiller HC-100A

Andrew Wood
chiller is easy to set up and works well with my 120Litres tank. it fits the cabinet well. great product for the price....