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Odyssea Aquarium Metal Halide Light (ALL)

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Odyssea Metal Halide Light for marine aquariums Information
Superior craftsmanship
- extruded aluminum rust-proof housing
Compact European design - low profile, powder coated black finish
Light enhancing reflectors-Durable German anodized aluminum reflectors engineered to intensify metal halide & T5 light output
Light visors - direct light downward toward tank-preventing side light loss and shields bright lights from eyes Maximum cooling-dual ball bearing fan design keeps air circulating around lamps providing maximum ventilation
Metal Halide globes - 10K Super White or 14K Ice Blue HQI-allow you to keep any type of coral in your aquarium from soft corals to SPS.
T5 High Output globes- four 460 NM Actinic Royal Blue-brings out the vibrant fluorescent color from your fish and corals.
Blue LED lights-provide naturnal viewing and gives the tank an attractive, moonlight glow
Ballasts-Individual, remote, high performance Metal Halide & T5 ballasts
Docking legs & suspension kit-Mount to aquarium with support brackets or hang above aquarium with adjustable steel cable system
Controllers-1 individual controller on each ballast for each MH Lamp, 1 individual controller for all the LED, 1 controller for 2 T5HO, and 1 controller for each fan
220-240V 50Hz, OZ Plug only, product image shows the ADV24" only

Model(L)+PowerFree Globes and Fans
ADV24"(60cm)-246WMH 150W*1+T5HO Actic Blue24W*4+LED*2+Fan*1
ADV24"(60cm)-345WMH 250W*1+T5HO Actic Blue24W*4+LED*2+Fan*1
ADV30"-246WMH 150W*1+T5HO Actic Blue24W*4+LED*2+Fan*1
ADV30"-345WMH 250W*1+T5HO Actic Blue24W*4+LED*2+Fan*1
ADV36"-306WMH 150W*1+T5HO Actic Blue39W*4+LED*4+Fan*1
ADV36"-406WMH 250W*1+T5HO Actic Blue39W*4+LED*4+Fan*1
ADV40"-456WMH 150W*2+T5HO Actic Blue39W*4+LED*6+Fan*2
ADV40"-656WMH 250W*2+T5HO Actic Blue39W*4+LED*6+Fan*2
ADV48"-516WMH 150W*2+T5HO Actic Blue54W*4+LED*6+Fan*2
ADV48"-716WMH 250W*2+T5HO Actic Blue54W*4+LED*6+Fan*2
ADV60"-770WMH 150W*3+T5HO Actic Blue80W*4+LED*8+Fan*3
ADV60"-1070WMH 250W*3+T5HO Actic Blue80W*4+LED*8+Fan*3
ADV72"-770WMH 150W*3+T5HO Actic Blue80W*4+LED*8+Fan*3
ADV72"-1070WMH 250W*3+T5HO Actic Blue80W*4+LED*8+Fan*3
ADV79"-770WMH 150W*3+T5HO Actic Blue80W*4+LED*8+Fan*3
ADV79"-1070WMH 250W*3+T5HO Actic Blue80W*4+LED*8+Fan*3
the Lighting can be extended 5cm more by bracket(included).
Odyssea is the leading manufacturer of aquarium lighting offering customers the widest selection of metal halide and fluorescent lighting available at the lowest price. They are dedicated to offering the state-of-the-art lighting that meets high standards of quality and value.

  • Model: ADV Plus
  • 99 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: ODYSSEA


Tom Ebery
5 of 5 Stars
Thanks. eaxctly the metal halide I am looking for. Very good quality and great service. Recommended!


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