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BOYU GXB-6500 Aquarium Inline Water Pump
$518.0  $175.0
Save: 66% off
BOYU GXB-5000 Aquarium Inline Water Pump
$504.0  $161.0
Save: 68% off

KEY/K3 LED Lights

Key Aquarium LED Lighting 3W CREE CHIP, made for SPS Aquariums
ModelMax PowerControllerFixture size(cm)Blue ChipsWhite ChipAuxiliary LightsSuitable for tanksPrice
E4024-T75W3-way electronic timer42(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*103W*14Blue Moonlight40-50(L)*60(W)$395
E5832-T100W3-way electronic timer60(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*123W*20Blue Moonlight60-80(L)*60(W)$595
E7836-T115W3-way electronic timer80(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*143W*22Blue Moonlight80-100(L)*60(W)$695
E7848-T150W3-way electronic timer80(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*203W*28Blue Moonlight80-100(L)*60(W)$795
E5832-D-TC115WMicrocomputer auto dimmer60(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*123W*20RGB-P SPS POWER60-80(L)*60(W)$695
E7836-D-TC130WMicrocomputer auto dimmer80(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*143W*22RGB-P SPS POWER80-100(L)*60(W)$785
E7848-D-TC165WMicrocomputer auto dimmer80(L)*27(W)*4(H)3W*203W*28RGB-P SPS POWER80-100(L)*60(W)$895

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These KEY aquarium LED lighting are those you can not find in local shops.