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Resun UV07-13W Aquarium UV Sterlizer
$208.6  $133.0
Save: 36% off
Resun UV07-9W Aquarium UV Sterilizer
$180.6  $124.6
Save: 31% off
Magnet Pump Resun MD-30
$175.0  $151.2
Save: 14% off

Hailea chillers

The Hailea HC chillers have proved to be a high ROI Aquarium water chilling investment for your aquariums and other live fish holding tanks, to keep the reef, corals, and other live rock alive. Now, we have aqua medic line; its vertical compressor could reduce the pressure and noise greatly.

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Monthly Specials For January

Hailea Chiller HC-150A
$838.6  $628.6
Save: 25% off
Hailea Chiller HC-250A
$978.6  $838.6
Save: 14% off
Hailea Chiller HC-300A
$1,048.6  $838.6
Save: 20% off
Hailea Chiller HC-500A
$1,048.6  $908.6
Save: 13% off
Hailea HC-1000A Chiller 1HP
$1,258.6  $1,146.6
Save: 9% off
Hailea Aquarium Chiller HC-1000B 1HP
$1,258.6  $1,146.6
Save: 9% off
Hailea Aquamedic Chiller HL-260CA
$1,113.0  $812.0
Save: 27% off